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Thank you very much for visiting the homepage of FORRÁS Trust and Investment Company!


The company's legal predecessor was founded by Hungarian Privatization and State Holding Company (ÁPV) on April 29, 1998, under the name Váltó-3 Szivárvány Trust and Investment Ltd., a single-person limited liability company with registered capital of HUF 40 million. As a result of two-phase equity raise carried out by ÁPV, the company has acquired 40 pieces of assets, including 22 minority and 4 majority stakes, 4 pieces of real estate and 10 liquid shares traded on the stock exchange and the OTC market.

In May 1998, Váltó Trust and Investment Company was established as a legal successor of Váltó-3 Ltd., which adopted the name FORRÁS Trust and Investment Company on April 1999.

Under Resolution 15/2002 (X.10.) RJGY issued for the implementation Government Directive 1176/2002 (X.10.) on the redemption of compensation coupons, the ÁPV selected FORRÁS Co. as the company responsible for the redemption of compensation coupons from the market.

The ÁPV decided that FORRÁS Co. physically delivered, combined denomination ordinary shares issued prior to the equity raise must be converted into dematerialised shares. Under the same resolution, a decision was passed on the first phase of the equity raise carried out through private placement as a contribution. Following the equity raise, the company's equity was composed of 4,987,800 "A" series registred dematerialised ordinary shares representing equal voting rights, each worth a face value of HUF 1,000.

The second phase of the equity raise through a contribution has taken place, as a result of which the equity of FORRÁS Co. rose to HUF 9,000,000,000 (registered by the Court of Registry on May 15, 2003.).

Between June 30 and July 20, 2003, followig the equity raise "A" and "B" series shares issued of FORRÁS Co. were publicy exchanged for compensation coupons, and the Company's single "C" series share (its face value is also HUF 1,000) was also subscribed.

On August 15, 2003, "A" and "B" series shares were listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange.


  • Asset management, the portfolio contains assets in the form of shares or company stakes issued by companies that had been acquired by FORRÁS Co. prior to the equity raise, as a contribution or new investment.
  • Liquid portfolio, which contains shares listed on the stock exchange, bank deposits and state securities.
  • Real estate management, the portfolio contains real estate acquired by FORRÁS Co. as a contribution or new investment, and also includes real estate management and utilisation activity.
  • Supervision and financing of an environmental project taken over from Hungalu Co. (under final settlement), as well as other environmental projects and consultancy.
  • Business administration consulting, final settlement.


  • Increase the value of own assets, while paying dividend.
  • Assessment of the investment package received as a contribution, keeping in the portfolio or selling them off with a reasonable yield.
  • Reorganisation and asset management of assets received from ÁPV.
  • New investments through the utilisation of liquid funds, partly by investing into secure real estate with high yields, and partly by acquiring controlling or significant stakes in other companies.
  • At liquid portfolio putting temporary liquid funds into secure investments with a reasonable yield, and an active management of the increased stock exchange portfolio.
  • Offering profit-making business administration services.

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A  FORRÁS nyRt. az igazgatósága által a FORRÁS nyRt. közgyűlésének hatáskörében eljárva meghozott 3/2021. (IV. 30.) számú határozata alapján alapján a részvényeseknek a 2020. év után összesen 200.000.010 Ft osztalékot fizet.

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